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Bakersfield’s Divorce & Family Law Attorney


Divorce can become complicated and challenging, regardless of your situation. When it’s time to dissolve your marriage, you’ll need the help of Jim Canday, an experienced Bakersfield divorce attorney to make sure you’re getting a fair day in court.

Divorce in California can be complex and offer very challenging issues. California is a community property state and can involve evaluations and discovery, as well as the subpoena of documents and/or parties to court.  It’s important that the right petition is filed, (there are more than one), but also all property, custody (if applicable) and support issues are properly addressed.  Many times we see parties having to return to court because their case was not done right the first time.

Jim Canaday has years of experience aiding clients in Bakersfield and surrounding areas in even the most complex divorce proceedings. Are you ready to take the next step? Call Jim today at (661) 328-1910!

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