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Jim Canaday: Experienced in all areas of Family Law and Probate Guardianships/Conservatorships

Child custody

Child Custody is one of the most emotionally draining areas of family law. When faced with the uncertainty that accompanies child custody cases you need an experienced family law attorney fighting for you.


Divorce can become complicated and challenging without the right divorce attorney by your side making sure you get a fair settlement.

Spousal support / Child Support

According to California law, your entitled to a fair spousal/child support agreement. Don't let your family suffer due to your divorce. You need a family law attorney by your side.


Determining the guardianship of a minor child is not usually necessary, given that parents can provide the child with a loving home. However, there are instances where a guardian must be appointed by the Kern County Courts.

Grandparent Rights

Under the jurisdiction of Kern County Courts, there are certain circumstances in which grandparents have a legal right to have visitation with their grandchildren. Jim Canady works with grandparents to make sure that they’re can take advantage of this law.

Termination of Parental Rights

When it comes to the relationship between a parent and a child, parents have responsibilities, such as making sure the needs of a child are taken care of. In instances that the parent can no longer take care of the minor, Courts can terminate the parent's rights.

Move Aways

Winning a move-away case in Kern County requires planning and preparation. Whether your seeking a move-away order or are opposing one, move-away cases can be emotionally challenging cases for clients and their lawyers.

Paternity Action

Issues pertaining to paternity can have a detrimental impact on the futures of both the children and the parents. Don’t let the effects of a paternity action case impact the future of you and your children.

Domestic Violence / Restraining Orders

Authorities in Kern County take reports of domestic violence very seriously. Without proper legal representation, victims of domestic assault may find it challenging to take advantage of the resources available to them, including restraining orders.


Many families experience the difficulties and heartbreak that arise when having a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability, or a loved one that loses their ability to make their personal and financial decisions, that's when a conservatorship is needed.

Post-Judgement Modifications

It's not uncommon for a former spouse to want to modify issues addressed in their original agreement, including child custody, support and alimony. If your facing a post-judgement modification, you need an experienced family law attorney on your side.

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