Bakersfield Probate Court


Guardianships in California are very complicated and embody its own set of laws under the California Probate code. Case law also borrows from the Family Code. Many people are confused and believe Guardianships are a custody proceeding, which is not true. Guardianships can be of the person, estate or both. Guardianships are filed by non-parents in Probate Court who are seeking the authority to care for a minor child. A Guardian steps in the shoes of the parent, and they become officer of the court, like an attorney.

Many times, Guardianship cases are contested proceedings and need the experience of an attorney. It’s very important to prepare and litigate the case properly since a petitioner may not have a second chance.

If you need help with the guardianship of a minor in Bakersfield, you need a Probate and Family Law attorney with experience who cares about the outcome of your case. Jim Canaday is a Probate and Family Law attorney experienced in guardianship cases in Bakersfield. Call today at (661) 328-1910.