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Property settlement

Jim settled my case quickly and fairly. His office staff is great. If you have property or retirement to divide make an appointment.

Divorce Property Division

Jim was very professional. He listened and applied what we discussed. He offers IN HOUSE QDRO preparation, so you can be sure that you understand your rights regarding valuing and division of Pensions, 401(k) accounts, and IRA accounts. It made the process less painful.

Ethical and Very Professional

After experiencing what havoc an inexperienced and unprofessional family attorney could have on my family, I was relieved to find Mr. Canaday through a colleague referral. Not only was he generous with his time and vast professional knowledge, I felt he truly cared about the outcome of the child support and custody matters he represented me in. Although family matters in court are never easy because no one ever truly wins and the children always lose in bitter feuds between parents. The "war" that was waged against me was better fought with Mr. Canaday's ethical representation in my corner.

Long Battle

Mr. Canaday and his staff in the office were great! He fought for over two years to help us save our grandchildren from a guardian that was not fit but was very good at acting the part. He got to the bottom of her underhanded actions through dedication and perseverance. If it was not for him and his staff our grandchildren would still be in harm's way. He stayed in constant contact with us and kept us up to date on everything. My husband and I highly recommend him for the most complex case you can have. He always was upfront and honest with us even if it was something we did not want to hear. The staff in his office are professional and on top of anything we needed. The only words I can think of to finish this review is " thank you for all you did to help us , Jim".

By the book

Mr. Canaday is the only attorney I have come across who actually puts in the time, does the research and applies the law. Mr. Canaday does not charge a hourly rate and he does flat fees. If your case gets continued several times or is finished within a few months, there will not be an extra charge (my case was continued due to opposing parties lack of cooperation). My case was tricky and complex, however, Mr. Canaday let me know what I was going to be dealing with from the start. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. I would not trust a review that states they "knew the law more than he did" when their review has several typos and grammatical errors. I would recommend anyone to make their own judgment of Mr. Canaday by getting a consultation done with him. I was surprised when his staff told me the consultations were free. I went in and he took over an hour discussing my case and the possible outcomes (mind you, I was a free consult). If he is willing to put that much time and effort into his consults he will invest more energy into his clients. Overall, I was very satisfied with Mr. Canaday and his staff. I have and will continue to recommend Mr. Canaday to all my friends and family.


I was informed by a different attorney that Jim was the Attorney I needed, and he was right. My case was child custody, and the other parent was far from reasonable. Jim advised me of the all aspects of my case, and when all the right information (evidence) was gained Jim went full force in the court room. It took some time, due to the complex situation of my case, but his staff was a great support when I was lost and worried. Jim was able to get my custody back to joint and then some on our first formal court appearance. I am forever great full to Jim and his staff.


He did wonders when it came to my case. I retained him only A DAY before my court date and I honestly couldn't of asked for a better outcome. I didn't want my hopes high because we only had an hour to prep but I was amazed. Definitely saw what was best for my child. Never once was it about us, the parents, and I appreciated that because he made the judge see that as well.


Mr Canaday has done a lot more compared to my last attorney. My last attorney pretty much did nothing but nickel & dime me. Mr Canaday is very informative & has always advised me to the best of his knowledge plus what is normally done in certain situations. I highly recommend Canaday Law office. Thanks Canaday & Staff for all that you do.


We are so greatful for Mr Canaday (&Andrea) for all the dedication and commitment to our families case over the last few years. Its rare in the state of California for Grandparents to retain guarding ship over the biological parents even if the biological parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you are honest and upfront and dont withhold any information from your case Mr Canaday can help you win with out a doubt Mr Canaday is well worth every spent dime.


Mr. Canaday is very fair, upfront, and honest. He has handled my case with the highest concern for my daughter, He has high Moral character and knowledge.


He’s a great lawyer he helped to keep the safety of my sons daughter by keeping her with her father.


Mr Canaday law office is very professional, friendly and assisted me with all aspects of my divorce and child support. You want Mr Canaday on your side.


Very professional and caring people.


I can say I was very well pleased with Mr. Canaday. He really did his homework and fought all the way through. I would recommend him. Thank you Mr. Canaday.

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