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Termination of Parental Rights

Termination of Parental Right cases are usually filed by a custodial parent or guardian. Parental rights are fundamental rights and are protected under the United States Constitution. Terminating parental rights requires a thorough understanding of the California Family Code as well as the complex case law on the issue. If one parent has failed to bond with the minor (support, communicate or identify with the child), or if a Guardianship has been in place for the required period, that parent risks having their parental rights terminated. 

Kern County has one of the highest filings of Termination of Parental Rights cases in California. Jim has spent years studying the law in this area and has had multiple trials each year both in defense and prosecuting on behalf of his client. Jim has also represented minor children in termination cases and litigated in their best interest.

If you’re involved in a case involving the termination of parental rights in Kern County, call Jim Canaday today at (661) 328-1910 and schedule your appointment.

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